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Sonic Dream Collective - I Wonder Why (16:9 HD) /1995/ 90'S MUSIC


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Описание материала:

'''Sonic Dream Collective''' was a Swedish pop band from the city of Uppsala. They had their greatest success in 1995 with the song "Oh, Baby All" which topped the Swedish national radio P3 Tracks chart. The debut album "Gravity" was also released the same year (1997 in the US).Members of the band were singer Linn Engström, songwriter Jon Hällgren and producer Anders Wågberg.Between 1994 and 1997 the band had their own record label Flying Duck Music together with producer Stefan Warnberg.A close collaboration was soon established with Giovanni Sconfienza and the record label [[Remixed Records]] where the second and final album "Dustproof" was released in 1998. By then the name had been shortened to Sonic Dream.

Год: 1995
Длительность материала: 00:03:12
Автор: I Love The 90s

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